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        The Performance Center of Arts in the community of Redlands, California, aims to create a sense of suspense from its user that will make anticipation resolution at the end of its performance center by creating a back of the House that intertwines with the front of the House. This approach allows for the character, either viewer or performant, to move in and out of sight either by The greenery on the site, by the perforated brick façade extrusion, or by the frosted glass, all revealing presence but never explaining a form, Over time this building aims to build the curiosity of the user.

The programmatic structure is organized into three sectors: Underground, Middle Ground, and Over Head; the underground belongs to the users wishing to visit the art of Redlands and take part in the Play; the Middle Ground Belonging to the Visitors and General Public and To Over Head sector which belongs to the player and performing comprising most of the back of House. This Physical distance develops a perceived sense of security that is shattered when the characters come in direct contact with one another in the performing spaces. Thus, offering a stimulating experience of a teacher for the community of Redlands. By drawing inspiration from the work of Alfred Hitchcock, the center aims to provide a captivating atmosphere that reflects the highest standards of professionalism and artistic excellence.

M.arch Candidate


Tel: 925.435.7044


58 Terrace Rd, Walnut Creek

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